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Fluorescent Colors

Radiant Color is one of the world’s principal suppliers of high performance fluorescent pigments and dyes.

The most important feature of fluorescent colors is that they are much brighter and are noticed much faster than normal colors, which makes them especially applicable for publicity and advertising as well as for safety clothing and warning signals.

Fluorescent colors also enlarge the available color space and create, in the pure form or in combination with other colors, new and brighter shade possibilities.

Children are definitely attracted to bright colors which explains the success of fluorescent toys.

Radiant Color offers an extensive 'easy in use' product portfolio.  The major applications are in coatings, cosmetics, plastics, textile and printing inks.

Our R&D department is focused on the development of greener and safer products, which create real added value for our customers.  Recently we developed a new fluorescent pigment range for plastic applications in direct food contact.  

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